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Mota (Gujarati: મોતા) Gujarat, India is situated at 21°05′N 73°01′E / 21.09°N 73.01°E / 21.09; 73.01.[1], 5 km North of Bardoli, 32 km East of Surat in Gujarat state, India.

Muktapuri the present name as Mota Village because of a lot of small temples resembles like a small pilgrim place. It has also being mentioned in Puranas. In Tapi Purana ( Chapter 36 ) its being mentioned.

After killing Ravana, Lord Ram had dosha which made him reflect two shadows apart from him being a god. He started pilgrim to remove his dosha and reached the present place of Mukteshwar and there his one shadow disappeared. And so felt that place as sacred and did puja and yagya and installed mahadev linga there. And as his dosh was disappeared so the name was given as Mukteshwar, and the village named as Muktapuri.

After completing the yagya he proceeded forward and reached at the present place of Rameshwar Mahadev. He arranged for the meals for Bhramins and for the fulfillment of the need for water he used the arrow named Gangasma. According to the rule before the meals for the worship of Lord Shiva he took sand in his hand from the place he shot arrow and installed Mahadev Linga. And then his another shadow also disappeared and became fully dosh mukta. And the ling in the form of sand done years ago is still present. And if you worship Rameshwar with your faith then your doshas disappear and all your wished are fulfilled with Rameshwar blessings.

Mota have nine ancient temples ( Rameshwar Mahadev, Nilkantha Mahadev, Mukteshwar Mahadev, Serveshwar Mahadev, Bahuchera Mata, Narmadeshwar Mahadev, Khodiyar Mata, Ram Mandir, Bhutnath Mundir, Khokhali Mata, Mahalaxmi Mata).

According to Census 2001, population of Mota is nearly 11,000. Mota has a large population of Patidars (Leva & Chorotariya) Patels. Other groups are Bramins, Anavils, Kori Patel, Vaishanav, Parmars, ect. Right now 26 castes of people are staying in Mota. About 300 families of Mota are settled on various parts of world, about 250 families are settled in USA and few of the families are settled in New Zealand & South Africa

Education in Mota is well developed by "Mota Kelavani Mandal"(Mota Education Board). They have "Balmandir"(KG) to "Secondary School" in both Gujarati & English Medium. Higher Secondory school, hostel facilities are also provided by board.